Private Equity

Specializing in Buyouts, Turnarounds, and Family Business Succession. 

Grouse Ridge Capital

We pursue bolt-on and expansion opportunities as well as new platforms in related industries. 

While most of our deals are for considerations under $20 million, our broad asset base and ample credit facilities allows us to evaluate large scale opportunities. 

We have a geographic focus in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, with deals sourced from New Jersey to Florida. 

We believe in meaningful personal ownership and accountability, as well as often letting management or ownership buy-in to the newly acquired entity.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

  • Buyouts: Management sponsored business acquisitions with EBITDA of $1-10mm.
  • Distressed Situations: Receiverships, workouts, and bankruptcies.
  • Turnarounds: Asset purchases and restucturing of operating businesses in asset intensive industries related to civil construction and infrastructure, manufacturing, steel, or heavy industrials.
  • Family Business: Ownership transitions that maintain business continuity.

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