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Private Equity

Specializing in Buyouts, Turnarounds, and Family Business Succession. 

Grouse Ridge Capital

We pursue acquisitions representing bolt-on and expansion opportunities as well as new platforms in related industries. 

While most of our deals are for considerations under $20 million, our broad asset base and ample credit facilities allows us to evaluate large scale opportunities. 

We have a geographic focus in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, with deals sourced from New Jersey to Florida. 

We believe in meaningful personal ownership and accountability, as well as often letting management or ownership buy-in to the newly acquired entity.

Unlike private equity funds raised from outside partners, Grouse Ridge Capital’s evergreen structure allows us to work with managers to set strategy and deploy patient capital to deliver outsized returns.

Focus Areas



Management sponsored business acquisitions with EBITDA of $1-10mm.


Ownership transitions that maintain business continuity.



Asset purchases and restucturing of operating businesses in asset intensive industries related to civil construction and infrastructure, manufacturing, steel, or heavy industrials.


Receiverships, workouts,  and bankruptcies.  

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