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Early-Stage Venture Capital

Focusing on AI/Robotics, Enterprise Technology, B2B SaaS, and Marketplace Infrastructure.

We tend to look for companies that are:

Grouse Ridge Ventures

Grouse Ridge Ventures invests in early stage technology companies in:



Information Technology



and AI



Transitioning From Product to Market Development


Business Model

in Large and Expanding Markets

Exceptional Entrepreneurs with a Solid Team

Although, our initial investment depends on stage and capital requirements, in most Series A investments we have initiated our position between $250,000 and $500,000. Grouse Ridge Ventures only participates in syndicated investments, and seeks to cap early stage investments at approximately $2 million per position. 

Select Portfolio Companies

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Advanced Construction Robotics is a world leading innovator of autonomous robotic equipment. Their robots are transforming the construction industry by filling the skilled labor gap and increasing overall productivity of the construction industry. The Company’s products give construction firms the ability to meet a rapidly growing demand.
Dynamics designs and manufactures battery-powered interactive payment cards that function with existing infrastructure. The computer-in-a-card technology is completely customizable and offers enhanced choice, control, convenience, and security.
nChannel is empowering merchants with the integration tools they need to connect their systems and deliver better customer experiences. B2C and B2B commerce continues to evolve rapidly and consumers' expectations are at an all-time high. nChannel believes all merchants should have access to the system integration tools they need to connect their systems and power consistent experiences across online and physical channels.
Mercaris makes it easy to gain insights into Organic and non-GMO commodity prices, perform analytics, and trade identity preserved commodities. The Company’s market data and auctions are helping to grow organic and non-GMO agriculture in the U.S. The development of sustainable agriculture is at a critical point. While some resources are in place to educate consumers, address public policy, and support scientific research on sustainable agricultural crops, far less emphasis has been placed on the market infrastructure upon which participants, from producers to retailers, depend. Mercaris was formed to address this gap through two types of services. First, Mercaris provides up-to-date, accurate information on market conditions for organic and non-GMO commodities. Second, the company’s trading platform allows buyers and sellers to meet on-line and trade physical commodities.
The New Standard for SAP Integration. enosix provides integration solutions between front-end platforms and complex SAP systems to unlock data and surface business process without the use of traditional middleware or ETL tools.
Innovu transforms the way companies use data to mitigate business and population risk. By consolidating all of their human capital, business, and risk data, employers, benefit advisers, and communities get a 360-degree view of their populations, allowing them to understand - for the first time - the issues driving program risk, cost, and quality.
nanoGriptech is the first commercial manufacturer of dry adhesive technology providing micro-fibrillar polymer based dry adhesives and surfaces for a wide range of product applications. nanoGriptech’s gecko inspired products address challenges current adhesives, gripping materials and fasteners can’t. nanoGriptech’s technology enables visionary product designers to implement creative, first-to-market designs and solve tough, costly manufacturing problems.
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